Blephasteam Dry Eye Treatment

Blephasteam® delivers a latent moist heat therapy around the eyelids to unblock the Meibomian glands and thus to improve eyelids and ocular health. The Dry Eye Group are proud to provide effective Blephasteam dry eye treatment to Melbourne locals to ensure lasting relief from uncomfortable symptoms.

There are many potential causes of dry eye, including medications, environmental factors such as air conditioning, age, poor aqueous production and, most commonly, poor oil production due to blocked Meibomian glands. For the latter case, Blephasteam is the ideal solution. Having been shown to be far more beneficial than using a warm compress because it delivers a standardised therapy at a consistently safe temperature (which cannot be controlled with warm compress), Blephasteam can help to unblock the oils in your glands for natural flow.


Unblock Oil Glands

After treatment with Blephasteam® your optometrist will express your glands to unblock the oils in order to allow them to flow optimally. This can take between 1 and 3 treatments (1 per month). Your optometrist will provide a video of the procedure so you can view the extent of the blockage and the changes after treatment to truly understand the improvement.

For effective blocked oil glands treatment, Melbourne locals can be sure they are in safe hands at the Dry Eye Group. Simply give our team a call today to determine whether Blephasteam treatment could be right for your condition.

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