Blepharitis Treatment in Melbourne

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid which causes sufferers to experience sore, red eyelids that may also be accompanied by crusty build-up around the eye. Blepharitis can result from Meibomian gland dysfunction, but also be as a result of a bacterial eyelid infection, fungal eyelid infection or parasites.

As part of our blepharitis treatment in Melbourne, Dry Eye Group offer BlephEx in-clinic treatment as well as Blephadex wipes for at-home management.

BlephEx Melbourne

BlephEx™, the first and only clinical treatment for blepharitis, decreases the amount of bacterial debris surrounding the lid through an exfoliating process. This improves the overall health of your eyelid, eliminating the substances that were previously causing inflammation. With just one session of BlephEx, Melbourne patients can enjoy freedom from the irritating, chronic symptoms of blepharitis.

Blephadex Melbourne

The Dry Eye Group are also proud to offer Blephadex at our Melbourne clinics, including products such as wipes and scrubs. Blephadex wipes combine natural tea tree and coconut oils to disinfect and clean the Meibomian glands along the eyelid margins, improving the function of the glands and the secretion of essential oils in the tear film. After your blepharitis treatment, we also recommend the use of Blephadex scrubs, which help to exfoliate your eyelids.

Put an end to the discomfort and embarrassment associated with blepharitis with our thorough and professional blepharitis treatment. Melbourne locals can easily access one of our many clinics for effective treatment.

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