Action Plan

Different causes of dry eye require different treatment. To ensure you receive the right treatment, our optometrists devise a Dry Eye Treatment Action Plan that is tailored to you. In some cases, the solution may be simple, while in others, you may require ongoing treatment. Treatments may be as straight-forward as blink training and warm compresses, or may involve lifestyle changes, preventative measures, or a combination of treatments with the latest technology in dry eye treatment.


Tailored Action Plan

In any case, our goal is to always provide you with optimal care and relief from your symptoms of dry eyes and to give you the tools you need to manage your condition with the help of your healthcare professionals. The action plan you receive will therefore detail everything from initial treatment methods all the way to home management of your condition.


Solutions Available (Infographic)

You may find this infographic helpful in visualising what some of the dry eye treatment options available are.

At the Dry Eye Group, we pride ourselves on using state of the art technology to provide unparalleled care to our patients. Go beyond off-the-shelf eyedrops with Dry Eye Group’s multifaceted treatment options, all detailed for you in your tailored action plan.

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